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Not dimmable

Light around

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Pulsation lamps not exceeding 5%, which fully meet the sanitary standards of the Russian Federation. LED lamps SKY LARK provide a comfortable eye light.

Have standard sizes

LED lamps SKY LARK repeated shapes and sizes of incandescent and halogen lamps. So, perfect for all fixtures that use this type of lamp.

Do not contain mercury

LED lamps do not contain SKY LARK so dangerous to human health as mercury and require special disposal.

Save up to 85% energy

Save up to 85% energy compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lamps are the most energy-efficient light source used in the home including lighting.

Last a long time

By installing LED lamps SKY LARK can not remember a long time to replace them. Are the ideal solution for areas where access is difficult to light sources.

Instantly bright light

LED lamps SKY LARK provide bright illumination immediately after switching on.

SKU B018 (SLL-E1.5E3SW114)

Main parameters

1,5 W
12 V
Color temperature
2700 K
15 W
Luminous flux
90 Lm

Additional parameters

10*35 мм
Angle of coverage
Light around
Color index
≥ 80
Operating frequency
50 Hz
Operating temperature
-20 °C +40 °C
25,000 hours
Mounting and dismounting

Assembly, disassembly and maintenance must be carried out when the lamp power is off.

Use with dimmable devices

Be sure to check the packaging lamps that you plan to purchase, information about whether it is suitable for dimming (dimming). Using the lamp, not intended for dimming, with dimmer (dimmer) can lead to failure of the lamp is dimmable or device.

Use with backlit switches

The use of LED lamps with switch illuminated may cause incorrect operation of the lamp in the switch is "off" - flashing or constant dim glow that is not a malfunction of the lamp.

Air convection

The lamp is only allowed under air convection unimpeded heat dissipation from the lamp. Some lamps will flash if their power supply overheats. In this case, please try the lamp cover with a good air convection: the lamp will operate normally.

Use with any other lamp

The use of LED lamps in conjunction with CFL, halogen or incandescent lamps in a lighting device (for example, a chandelier) is allowed and does not affect the operation of lamps