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Abbreviation LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Work of diodes based on release of energy, which is obtained by passing electricity through crystal and further conversation energy in light photons.

Led bulbs are the most energy efficient of all sources of light and the best alternative incandescent, halogen and cfl bulbs.

Led bulbs are the most perspective source of light. All over the world grows number of initiatives of different governments, which restrict the use of incandescent bulbs, because they don`t accord to standards of rational energy use.

Save energy

Save to 85% of energy. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient source of light, which used in home lighting.  

Long lifetime 

LED lifetime is about 25000 hours. It means that one bulb can replace 25 incandescent bulbs. After Sky Lark bulb installation you can forget about bulb for a long time. Imagine how much time and intensions you need to buy and to install new bulbs. That`s all you can save.

Shine bright and flicker-free

Flicker level complies with health and safety standards of the Russian Federation and is lower than 5%.

Shine immediately

Led bulbs start to shine bright from the first second. You do not need to waste your time for waiting.

Heats lower than incandescent or halogen bulbs
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Led bulbs are good solution for wood ceiling or other fire dangerous constructions.

Don’t contain hazard substances(mercury)

That's why led bulbs are safe and don't need special utilization.

Don't emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation

Object under LED light don’t warm or lose colors.