SKY LARK specialists compiled a comfortable comparison table to help to our customers to choose LED analogue for bulbs at home. The table shows the corresponding LED analogues for compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

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When you choose bulb look first at its socket. There is Socket Marking System:

  • Edison socket – threaded socket. The most common of threaded sockets are E27 and E14 (minion).
  • Pin socket – there is pin connection system for bulb cap and lamp socket. There are different kinds of marking: G is mark of pin cap, letters U Y X Z – type of construction, number - the distance between the ends of the pins.

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Power and light flux
The most important feature is power of lamp. Usually manufacturer marks on pack power of incandescent bulbs as relevant analog for power of led bulb. For example, analog for led bulb 9w is 75w incandescent bulb.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to look at lumen parameters, because usually manufacturer shows approximate (ex. 75w), but not exact (ex. 67w) analog for led bulb.

Color temperature
When you choose bulb take note at its color temperature: 2700 K is a temperature of incandescent bulb and 4200 K is a temperature of daylight.


LED bulbs with color temperature 2700k – 3000K are most preferred for home lighting. That kind bulbs gives warm comfortable light. For creation working environment is better to use bulbs with 4000 K color temperature. But color temperature is an individual parameter therefore your bulb choice should be based on your own preferences.

Warning! It is not recommended to use bulbs with different color temperature in one lamp.

Сolor rendering index (CRI)
Color rendering index shows how will look object in electric light. If color rendering index is 100, it means that object’s colors look optimally as if they are lighted by a reference light source (ex. Sun). CRI ≥ 80 is a good index which corresponds to all home lighting standards. Light sources with index CRI ≥ 92 are better for objects with high lighting demands (ex. Museums). Bulb: clear or frosted.

Bulb: clear or frosted.
Bulbs can be clear or frosted. Clear bulb gives bright sparkling light and is good for chandelier. Frosted bulb gives soft diffused light.

Before going to the store explore the dimensions of lampshades: sometimes you need bulbs with minimal sizes or bulbs which sizes are not larger special dimensions (ex. 37mm). Usually you can find bulb sizes on the pack.

  • Use with apparatus which matches to your kind of bulb
  • Do not disassemble
  • Perform installation, removal and maintenance with the power off
  • Do not use after contact with water or other liquid
  • Do not use with opened lamps outside 
  • After pollution wipe bulb with dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • Do not use solvents, aggressive detergents or abrasives Not suitable for use with dimmer if there is no special sign on pack.
  • Disregard of instructions can lead for bulb for dimmer crash 
  • Using bulb with switch with illumination can lead to incorrect work when the lamp is off – bulb’s flashing or glimmering. It is not defect. Bulb exploitation allowed in conditions of free air convection for bulb cooling. Some bulbs can flash due to overheating of the driver. In this situation screw bulb in plafond with good air convection: bulb will start to work normal.

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